Quality policy

KRZ, SL is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of products in the clinical Pharmacy field, in all the ranges that lead to order, organization and dispensing of drugs since they are entered into the hospital Center up until they are taken by the Patient.

Our target, therefore, is to ensure maximum safety in the way of administration, preserving at all times the traceability of diagnosis, constantly improving the quality of our services and moving ahead with the technology.

To achieve these principles, KRZ, SL understands the quality policy and the application model that arises from it, as a commitment to maintain a long-term project, respecting the law and progressing with the continuous improvement in our Organization.


The COMPANY management, defines and participates in the quality policy of the company, with the commitment to keep, plan and manage the entire organization with a customer focus.

The Management

Barcelona, 25 May 2018